Choosing the Perfect Color for your Color Perfect Home


September 20th, 2018.


color perfect homeChoosing the perfect color for your home is complicated because colors are complicated. Have you ever regretted the color you’ve painted your house?  If so, you are part of the large majority of people. This is a very common and expensive mistake.  With color, we are able to manipulate the size of the space, create different environments, influence one’s mood, and enhance or ruin the entire room decor. 


Useful Tips to Choose the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home

A.  Manipulating the space with color – we should choose the color according to the size of the space we are planning to paint.

  1. Warm colors tend to make space look smaller, these are advancing colors that move towards the eye. Warm colors table
  2. Cool colors make the room look larger, these are receding colors that move away from the eye.Cool colors table
  3. We should also consider color saturation, how deep the color is. The more saturated the color, the smaller it will make the room look and vice versa.

B.  Manipulating the environment and mood with color – we need to take into consideration the type of environment we want to create in the room because colors have the power to affect our feelings, reactions and moods.

C.  Always test your paint colors before buying – light exposure has a tremendous effect on color.

  1. The way you see color at the store will be completely different from the way it will look at home; therefore, we should never buy paint without testing it at home first.
  2. The best way to choose the perfect color is to get a few samples, paint a portion of the wall and observe how they look at different times of the day, with natural light and at night with artificial light bulbs.

D.  Neutral colors advantage and tips:

  1. When we paint in neutral colors, we have the ability to easily redecorate a room whenever we want by simply changing the colors of the accessories.
  2. A neutral color palette will enhance the beauty and elegance of a room with a great view.
  3. We can achieve a classic, ageless look to any room with neutral colors and adding a single color hue with accessories.



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