The Buzz About E-Design and Top 5 Advantages

October 24, 2018.

E-Design has arrived! If you’ve ever dreamed of hiring a professional interior designer but didn’t do it because it was out of your reach, you now have to opportunity to hire an e-designer.

Technology has changed the way we live, play, work, shop, communicate and the way we get inspired. Many jobs have been disrupted or even eliminated, and therefore, people have reinvented themselves to continue thriving in this new form of society.


Our Virtual Society

Beyond the Inspiration Photo

E-Design goes beyond the look and inspiration found on pictures of beautifully decorated rooms. This brand new industry is taking the interior design world by storm. What I like best about this new movement is that it’s making the talents of interior designers around the world accessible to anybody.


Inspiration Photo – Modern TV Room

E-Design Top 5 Advantages

Let’s say that you want to decorate a room in your home.  You look through pictures online or magazines and find the perfect look that you will like for your house.  What do you do next? You could hire an interior designer and pay thousands, or you can go around  scrambling  for the things to buy to make that look happen.  But now, there is another inexpensive and time saving choice, E-Design.

When you hire the services of an e-designer, you will be able to achieve the same look for a lot less money and time.

You may have a few questions by now… What is the advantage of hiring a designer? And, how is it possible for a designer to decorate your home without even visiting it?  To explain why and how it works, I will start by listing the advantages:


Top 5 Advantages of E-Design

How Does It Work

When you contact an e-designer company, like SABAT Interiors, you will be given a questionnaire about your style, colors that you like, room dimensions, budget, etc. You will be asked to upload a photo of the room or rooms you are planning to decorate.  And if you want, you may also upload an inspirational picture of the look you want to achieve.  It’s that simple!


Complete an online questionnaire to define your design style

Consequently, your e-designer will take all the information you provide to create the design of your dreams. Your exclusive design will include: color palette, a detailed list of items to buy (furnishings and accessories), a floor plan to set up your room, among many other details to ensure success.


Space planning by

Interior design is now approachable and accessible to any budget size thanks to technology. It is not a luxury reserved for the rich and famous any longer. As a result, you can now have a home that is beautiful and functional at the same time without going bankrupt no matter the budget and no matter where you live.  Are you ready? Start here.


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